Queen Steam

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Queen Steam

Our Queen Steam aka V-Steaming is a gentle, yet powerful herbal remedy that women have practiced for years. A remedy used to provide special care to their “triangle of love”. 

Some of the benefits of Steaming are:

  • Reducing cramps
  • Improving menstrual flow
  • Shedding toxins 
  • Remove unpleasant odors
  • Tightening the “triangle of love”; and
  • Soothing hemorrhoids.

How-to instructions will be listed on your package. Each package is equivalent to 3 steams.

Warning: Do not use our Queen Steam if:

  • You are pregnant or think you can be l
  • Have a vaginal infection 
  • Have an open wound
  • Have an IUD; or
  • During menstruation.

We don’t recommend that you steam more frequently than bi-weekly.

Legal: This product will not treat or cure any medical conditions.

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