Luxe Body Scrub

Our Luxe Body Scrubs exfoliates removing dead skin cells which generates smoother feeling skin. Exfoliating regularly allows the skin to absorb nourishment from moisturizing products. Exfoliating also creates the appearance of natural glow.

We carry 3 types of scrubs: Coffee, Salt and Sugar.

Sugar scrubs contain fine granules of sugar which is ideal for exfoliating the face, delicate areas of skin and sensitive skin types. Sugar scrubs are often used before shaving.

Salt scrubs contain coarse granules of salt which is ideal for exfoliating the skin in areas such as the elbows, knees and feet. Salt scrubs are often used to extend the life of a pedicure.

Coffee scrubs contain caffeine which is known to increase blood flow, tone the skin and reduce the viability of cellulite. Coffee scrubs are often used on the thigh area.

All of our scrubs are made of natural oils that will nourish. They smell great too!